Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Journey to Weight Loss

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to steer away from reviewing makeup products, and tutorials and talk about something that most people can relate to which is LOSING WEIGHT.  I want to reach out to people who are struggling to lose weight or people who wants to lose weight but do not think they can.  I hope with what I'm going to say would not offend anybody but to serve an inspiration to most of you.

First of all, when I got married and after having 2 wonderful kids that my body has changed tremendously.  My heaviest was 145 lbs and I stand 5'1", with my height, I was considered obese.   I love shopping and I usually go out with my sister to a mall and we would walk in at a clothing store and see something on a wall or on a mannequin and I would try it on and didn't like what I see, to me, it didn't look right.  I was upset and frustrated for a long time.  So that's when I started to turn to makeup, bags, purses and accessories, everything else but clothes.  A year later, in 2010,  I remember coming out from a camera store and I saw a weight loss program which is JENNY CRAIG that just opened in our area.  I walked in with no hesitations, I didn't know what to expect, all I was thinking of that day that I was desperate to find a solution to my weight problem.  I signed up just to try it out.  To be honest, with the membership and the food that you buy from them, it is not the cheapest, we're talking about $15-20 a day.  I considered it as an investment and I was doing it for the right reasons.  Besides living healthier, I wanted to feel good about myself and not to shy away from shopping for clothes and have that confidence to wear what I want.  Before signing up with the program, I was eating about 2500 calories or more a day with no physical activity and when I joined the program, my calories intake was cut in half, we're talking about 1200 calories a day! I was hurting for awhile and wanted to give up after a month but I pushed myself everyday that I can do it with the help and support from my family and friends.  As a JENNY CRAIG client, I was and still am happy with the program.  I learned a lot from them to eating right, fitness and the consultants are great supporters which I needed to reach my goal weight.  JENNY CRAIG food consist of all portion size regular meals and they're all delicious especially the desserts!

With the amount of food you take in, you have to balance it with a physical activity.  All you need is 30-45 minutes a day.  I know most of you are saying "who has time to work out?, I have a busy life etc".  I was in that state as well, that's how I got to that weight.  I was juggling between being a wife, a mom and having a full time job but I learned that you don't make the time to work out but you have to find the time to work out.  At that time, I chose to work out before everybody wakes up which was from 5:30-6:15 a.m. and I'd be done just in time to make breakfast and get my kids ready for the day.  I work out 4-5 days a week.  All I'm saying, find something that will work for you, choose something that you enjoy whether it's walking, or any physical activities with your kids, just choose something that you can commit to and not think of it as a work out.  Also, make sure you change your work out routine every 3-4 weeks to avoid hitting plateau.  My work out routine from Day 1 consists of walking on the treadmill, playing with my kids, Hip Hop Abs, Body Boot Camp, Kick Boxing, Taebo, Jillian Michaels, Turbo Fire, Tap out and I just started doing Insanity.  I'm not a gym person so I usually buy home videos which works just the same.

Anyway, not everybody can afford weight loss program but it doesn't mean you can't live a healthier life.  I don't think there's such thing as bad food, i think minimizing what you eat is a great way to start, cut your carbs in half, plan your meal, which I find this very important that way you can track your calories intake... TRUST ME, YOU'LL BE SURPRISE! I'm also not saying to cut out all your favorite food such as sweets, savories, etc. just don't over indulge yourself, for instance, if you're craving for a slice of cake, just eat half a slice of a cake.  The key is portion wise.

Nobody said it will be easy, it took a lot of discipline, determination and motivation and a change of lifestyle to reach my goal weight.  It will take time, just do it one day at a time, one pound at a time, you'll get there.  I understand that sometimes we fall off the wagon, it happened to me a few times, we're just human, but make sure you get back on track.  

Overall, I've lost 39 lbs in a span of almost 2 years, I started at 145 lbs and I'm now 106 lbs, I couldn't be happier. My weight still fluctuates every now and then but I manage to get back on track.  I am no expert or a professional dietician, I just want to share what worked for me in losing weight and maybe it will work for you too.  So for all the moms or for the people in general who are in the same situation as me that think you can't do it or you're making random excuses that you can't do it, the only person that can stop you from living healthier is YOU!  

Here's a BEFORE and AFTER photo of me:

           BEFORE                             AFTER

Best of Luck, KAT

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