Thursday, 16 May 2013

Beauty Storage

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are doing great and looking forward to Victoria Day long weekend! This weekend we're having some family over for some barbeque and hopefully enjoy the sun that's if we get to have a peak of it.

Anyway, before I start rambling on and on about another topic, I'll get back in focus of this post.  It's all about BEAUTY STORAGE.  As some of you know me, I have a good collection of makeup and I like to organize them where I could see them because if they're not near my sight then I would completely forget about them.

I found a form of storage where it's classy, fresh and serene with a pull out drawer that is spacious enough to fit in a few partitions to keep it inside to store most of my makeup products in sections.  With a color being White, it blends in with everything I have in my room.  This dressing table is called the MALM Dressing Table from IKEA, this was a Christmas gift from my hubby.

My husband have installed 2 inexpensive fluorescent lights on each side of my mirrors.  They're from Walmart at $14.99 each.  The mirror was from Home Depot, it was on sale when I got it, I believe it was $30.

On the surface of the dressing table, I have decided to put a few things that are on my reach.  On the left hand side, I've kept a couple of clear drawers from Staples given to me by my sister.  This is where I store my powders, blushes, and hair accessories.  On top of that, I have some of my skin care and other essentials that I use on a regular basis.  

Next to it are my makeup brushes, I put them in my Sigma makeup brush cup holder (Left) and 3 clear, plastic boxes from Michaels ($4.99 each) and filled it with vase fillers from Dollarama at $1.00 each.

This is the large pull out drawer, like I mentioned earlier, this a great place to store most of my makeup, the drawer organizers are all from Dollarama which again cost me $1.00 each.  Below is a closer view of what each of them look like:  This is where I keep my lip products

On to Eye products, below is another closer view:

Last but not the least, I had my eye on this for quite a while, it's actually a white book shelf also from IKEA with 3 black, foldable boxes and a hot pink box, just to add a pop of color from Dollarama... can't you tell how much I love Dollarama as well? This is where I store the rest of my beauty goodies, camera accessories, makeup bags, and some of my favorite books.


I hope you guys enjoyed having a little preview of how I keep my stuff as organized as possible and hopefully it gave you some ideas of what to use for storage.

See you guys next time, Kat

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